21 Key Elements to win the Game of Selling

The most important function in any organization is the sales function. Creating revenue through sales is the ultimate catalyst for any enterprise. An individual’s ability to influence a decision maker and connect with him will result in a sale. In any organization, everyone has to be sales-oriented. If a person is not selling, he may be missing an opportunity to help the company grow. It has been noted that 95 percent of the reasons why businesses fail is because of the lack of sustained profitable sales. The major reasons identified are either because some department or people in an organization either dislike sales or are not taking an interest in selling. 

A good salesperson is honest, trustworthy, and reliable, always thinking of adding value and making a difference to his customers and their businesses. Selling is an art and a science that needs to be mastered with conscious, diligent hard work. The first fact about selling is that no human being is born a professional salesman. Selling is a learnable skill, and any human being can learn and master it by consciously and diligently learning the fundamental principles of selling by practicing it in the field. In order to be a good and effective salesperson one should

have the right mindset. The salesperson should possess certain qualities that will augment his skills of selling and help him and the organization grow.

In his book The Sales Master, Dr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar has very succinctly enumerated the key qualities that will assist every individual to be a successful salesperson and better influencer. The book will help all salespeople develop the right mindset to boost sales.

I congratulate Dr. Arunaagiri for authoring this very useful book, which will help professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and anyone associated with selling.

- Gerry Robert

Speaker and International Bestselling Author of The Millionaire Mindset, Multiply Your Business, and Publish a Book and Grow Rich.


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