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Human being is a wonderful creation of the Almighty. The Almighty was magnanimous beyond words in not holding back anything, and by bestowing all the features and capabilities in us. In the modern digital technology term, it can be said that we are a fully loaded entity. It is up to us to realize our potential by delving into our inside. In order to realize this indomitable inbuilt power, we have to first clear the misgivings and self-created barriers and go into the depth to unveil that intriguing infinite spark which can ignite the fire in us and take us to greater heights of achievements and fulfillment in life.

As Swami Vivekananda rightly said, we have to see the world as abundant and attune our attitudes and affirm our beliefs about our ability to achieve success. We have to develop success-conducive attitudes, have to have self-discipline, have to nurture good habits, sharpen the power of perception and tailor our behavior and word power to take us on the path of excellence. We have to live our life, which is God’s precious gift, to the fullest potential and realize our dreams.

This book is based on my life and experience as a coach, trainer, thinker, an entrepreneur and a dreamer. I am sure the readers would practise the principles enumerated and embodied in this book, unleash the power in them and touch the pinnacle of life’s success and thereby truly consummate this wonderful gift called ‘human life’.


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