Success Principles for Being on Top of the World

This book is written with a motive to inspire and make every individual in my motherland, India to strive for overall physical and mental fitness and to lead a blissful life. My country India, which in ancient days was called the 'Golden Bird' ('Sone ki Chidiya'), has in its glorious days achieved the pinnacle of growth in all facets of life namely the Physical , Mental, Social, Intellectual and Spiritual dimensions.

We had gurus and rishi's who had mastered the physical body by understanding its deepest and the most intricate constituents. By controlling the mind and mastering the body, they proved that one could live for a thousand years. Incidentally it were our Rishi's who had, through the study of breathing rate, stated affirmatively that we human beings are constructed to live 160 years. We are designed to breathe about 12- 15 times a minute. Our Rishi's had discovered the corelation between the breathing rate and the longevity of one's life i.e. PRANAYAMA.

The first documented surgery in the world was done by our Guru Sushrutha. This land of glory in the modern times has become a land where

the overall fitness of the general population is at the lowest ebb. Most of the people are totally oblivious of the importance of Physical fitness.

In our country the life style diseases like diabetes (as it is we are more genetically predisposed towards it), blood pressure and heart ailment are on the increase. The suicide rates among the children are also very alarming. We have one of the poorest social security covers in the world. Added to this is the exorbitant medical treatment cost structure prevalent. This brings pressure especially on the lower middle class and those below the poverty line in case they are afflicted by a major medical ailment.

The higher strata of the population who are normally residing in the metros and the upcoming two-tier and three- tier cities are mainly after accumulating wealth. The basic 'Insecure 'or shortage psyche of the license raj is so intense that most of the people from this class neglect their physical, mental and spiritual growth. Their entire time is focused on increasing their material wealth, neglecting other areas. The divorce rate in the urban India is nearly 7 to 10 percent. 

This book is a humble attempt to create awareness about the need to focus on the overall fitness and change the perception of fitness and thereby strive for “Comprehensive wellness and growth” starting from Physical Fitness. The principles enlisted in the book are a learning from my over two decades of experience as a sports coach, corporate trainer and as a yoga teacher and practitioner.


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